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Monday, December 27, 2004

9/11 seen as a reason federalism works...

and why abandoning it doesn't. This article highlights the unintented consequences that abound when the federal government is doing things that should be left to the states, like, oh I don't know, investigating and prosecuting crimes!
Moreover, a federal government focused on everything from cockfighting to steroid use is a federal government that's not focused on truly national issues. Case in point: In the months leading up to the September 11 attacks the FBI was engaged in an 18-month-long sting operation at a brothel in New Orleans that netted 12 prostitutes. September 11 should have concentrated the mind wonderfully as to proper federal priorities, yet federal law enforcement to this day continues to behave like the local vice squad.
18 months. They caught 12 prostitutes but ignored the 12 hijackers that ended up killing over 3000 people. Excellent priority-setting!


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