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Thursday, December 16, 2004

So much for letting high school students be free

From Toledo, OH:

"Rossford High School officials were considering letting a Christian rock band play during an anti-drug assembly next week, but decided yesterday to cancel the performance because of concerns over having religious music played in a public school.

'We are just shutting the whole thing down,' Rossford Superintendent Luci Gernot said. 'There is some controversy, and I'd rather err on this side.'

Pawn's songs regularly make reference to Jesus and God, said David Kleeberger, the band's manager who is also a member of the Rossford school board.

Mr. Kleeberger is the father of band member Kyle Kleeberger, a senior at Rossford High.

'I'm between a rock and a hard place because I represent the schools,' Mr. Kleeberger said. 'I don't want anyone suing the schools over this.'

Students would have had the option of whether or not to attend the band's performance, which was going to be held during school hours.

Students who chose not to attend the performance would either go to a study hall or view an anti-drug-themed movie in the school auditorium.

Donna Chiarelott, whose son is a senior at the school, objected to the band's performance.

'I think there is a place for Christian bands, and schools aren't where they belong,' Ms. Chiarelott said. 'Maybe most people don't really see anything wrong with it, but there is a line and this is crossing it. I'm amazed they even considered it.'"
Just another reason to avoid the public schools.


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