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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Social Security - the real solution

Among all the proposals, assertions (with or without supporting data), commentary, and yes, personal attacks (check here, here, here, here, and here for a few examples), where is the real solution being discussed? Not the kinda-sorta free-market quasi-privatization that may or may not be put forth by the Bush administration and/or the GOP in Congress next year. And not the save-it-at-all-costs, pander to the AARP voting bloc, tax-raising (oh, but only on the top 2% of earners, a la California's recent Prop. 63 tax on millionaires), just-enough-to-keep-it-afloat-for-now tactics of the Democrats. I'm talking about the real, actual, freedom-enhancing, ownership-increasing, liberty-supporting solution.

The ability to opt out.

I'm serious - I'll sign an affadavit affirming that I promise, even on pain of starvation at 70, to never, ever ask the Social Security Administration for one single dime of benefits, if I can just remove myself from this tired excuse for a retirement program and never have to pay one single dime more into it. Seriously, they can even keep the tens of thousands I've already "contributed", I won't even ask for it back. Just let me live my life, do my job, and keep what I earn to manage the best way I know how, and I believe enough in myself that I'll be fine in my retirement years. Why isn't anybody talking about that option - doesn't anybody believe in freedom anymore?


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