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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Best synopsis of SS crisis I've yet found

This column contains the clearest chronological account of the future of Social Security that I've found. I didn't really understand all that stuff about "lockboxes" and "trust funds" and "IOUs" before reading this, but NRO's Donald Luskin describes in detail where all the incoming money goes, where all the outgoing money comes from, and when the inflection points (and there are several between now and 2042) in the program will occur. It's especially interesting to me (and it should be to all 30-year-olds) that the year that SS will officially go completely under (2042) is the same year I turn 65 and become eligible for benefits. Yay. Good thing my father warned me from when I was this high that Social Security won't be around when I retire so I'd better plan to do without it.


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