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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Biggest Loser

A comment of mine on Vox Popoli:
While I certainly detest most of what has become known as reality TV (never watched a second of Survivor, and my wife had a brief interest in Joe Millionaire - thankfully short-lived), my wife and I absolutely love The Biggest Loser. Here is a reality show that instead of showing the lowest of the low in people's characters, is teaching them how to turn their lives around from being unhealthy, inactive, and in most other ways apathetic about improvement to getting in shape, eating right, and losing huge amounts of weight (in one guy's case, 90 lbs.) all the while doing it safely, being under the supervision and direction of doctors, nutritionists, and professional trainers. Seeing these people change (not just their appearances but their lifestyles and attitudes) and watching the interactions between each other and the trainers would make the hardest of hearts shed a tear and motivate the most dedicated of couch potatoes to get up and get moving. If you haven't seen any of The Biggest Loser, you've missed out on some fantastic TV. The live (you read right, live) finale is on NBC next Tuesday when we see the three finalists come back to the studio after spending three months "back in the real world" putting all they had learned into practice. I'm sure they'll recap and show highlights of the 12 episodes for those who missed the season. Can't wait!


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