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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Corner talks Inauguration

A quick email to NRO's blog chief regarding this little snippet from today's The Corner:
The inaugural celebration is about more than who won and who lost (though, yes, I’d be increasingly bitter if Bush lost as Jan 20 approached), it’s about the peaceful transfer of power here. It’s about celebrating the system even more than the win.
Not having put much thought into it, I'm not sure I agree with you here, at least as it applies to second-term presidents. There's no transfer of power (peaceful or otherwise) happening this month - we're not going to call GWB the 43rd and 44th presidents after all, any more than we gave Reagan or Clinton two places in the count. When it comes down to it, it's just a continuation of the same administration - though hopefully small-government conservatives will find more to cheer about during GWB's second term (SS privatization, tax reform) than we did during the first (Medicare, NCLBA). Is all the money that pays for the festivities taxpayer money, or does it come out of Bush campaign funds (oh wait, much of that is taxpayer money too)? If it's the president's money, go for it; if it's the taxpayers' money, does the federal government really need to throw a party to celebrate a continuation of the administration? I'd be very willing to bet that GWB would win a lot more hearts and minds by publicly refusing to spend $40M on the party and instead return it to another budget line-item that needs it that has taken a hit of late (if he can find one) - perhaps enhanced border security along the Mexican border? $40M would go a long way toward shoring up that porous non-barrier.

Anyway, just a random thought from a relatively new Corner reader. In the interest of disclosure, I'm not denigrating the festivities because I'm upset Bush won - I voted Libertarian but would be much more scared if Kerry was being sworn in next week. GWB, my GOP congressman (Orange County, CA - don't get me started about Boxer/Feinstein) and any small-government believers have my full support in bringing real change to SS and taxation.


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