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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Fielding is loved by OC Weekly Music section

OC Weekly had this to say about friends of mine Fielding in their Aloud and Alive in 2005 column:
Having outgrown their local gigs at Detroit and your neighborhood ice rink, Fielding spent 2004 playing weekly shows at LA hipster nightspots such as Tangier and Spaceland and recording a new demo with Nada Surf studio man Chris Fudurich. No surprise, then, their audience exploded and currently boasts all of Silver Lake and pretty much every A&R kid who’s looking to score the next big indie-band-gone-gold. Look for their 2005 release—which will undoubtedly feature front couple Beth and Eric’s cotton-ball vocals and more than a few of the band’s trademark cry-in-your-pillow soaring ballads; that is, when they actually record it—to be everywhere. But mainly, just make sure it’s in your CD player.
Way to go guys, keep up the stellar work! I haven't made it to many shows, but I eagerly await their new CD!


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