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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

House Republicans ignore small-government conservatives

The Heritage Foundation issued a scathing report about the failure of the House Republican conference in which they rejected eight newly proposed rule changes that would certainly help limit out-of-control spending:
In a closed meeting early last week, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives quietly kicked off the new legislative session by making it more likely that government will continue to grow rapidly. Despite promises to control the growth in federal spending and to fix the budget process, the newly strengthened House Republican conference soundly rejected a series of proposed procedural rules, sponsored largely by conservatives, that would have made it more difficult for spending increases to pass the House. The full House passed its new rules—absent additional spending controls—the next day in a party-line vote.
Details on five of the rejected rules an be found later in the column. Hmmm, I smell a letter to the Register brewing...


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