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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

NRO's Goldberg on the U.N.'s odiousness

Jonah Goldberg hits the nail on the head:
As for the other argument - that America needs the United Nations to check and thwart its ambitions - I have even less patience. Usually such arguments are made by non-Americans who fear or hate the United States (France, call your office). Right or wrong, it's perfectly legitimate for foreigners to make this case. Germany defines its interests differently than America does. But when Americans make this argument, my eyes roll.
Absolutely - Americans need to realize that the ultimate check on the ambitions of the US government is not (nor should it ever be) some organization outside of itself, but is instead the citizens themselves. We have a government of the people, and it is the citizens' responsibility to ensure their own elected officials act in accordance with our Constitution first, our laws second, and the citizens' will third. Any abdication of that responsibility to those outside the citizenry of the United States is unacceptable. Those who advocate such abdication I would call feckless and lazy in the extreme.


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