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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Remember the marine-cop shootout last week?

Michelle Malkin tells us that the whole reason he went after the cops is being completely fabricated. Most of what we're hearing is that he was "afraid to go back to Iraq" and he elected to "commit suicide by cop" to avoid it. According to this news story, police investigators have determined: 1) that the marine Raya had never been in combat (he was a driver in the 1st Intelligence Battalion's motor transport unit), 2) that he had been transferred, before he went AWOL from Camp Pendleton, to a unit with orders to be deployed to Okinawa instead of Iraq, and 3) that he was high on cocaine at the time of his death. The Modesto Bee has a minute-to-minute timeline of the shootout, which includes the fact that he evaded the cops searching for him for three hours before they caught up with him. Being high on cocaine doesn't exactly sound like he was thinking clearly, and killing a cop and then running doesn't sound much like he was planning on committing suicide, by cop or otherwise.


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