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Friday, February 04, 2005

Georgia's eminent domain travesty SB 5 may be dead

When we last left Georgia's SB 5, it was gaining support in the state legislature and was threatening some very scary eminent domain provisions. Thankfully, it appears that Georgia's Republicans (who control both houses and the Governor's office) are listening to their constituents and have conceded that SB 5 will likely die a quick death. Another bill, SB 86, has been drafted and is being fast-tracked in order to guy the eminent domain provisions in SB 5. The story is far from over, though, as the language of GOP former supporters of SB 5 indicates:
"I would find it hard to believe this bill is going anywhere," said state Sen. Don Balfour (R-Snellville), a former co-sponsor who has taken his name off the bill. "Personally, I wouldn't vote for Senate Bill 5 if it just had verses of the Bible in it. The name Senate Bill 5 is an anathema to the people of Georgia."
"I don't believe the author of the bill meant for it to be, or believes that it is, what Neal Boortz and other people are saying that it is," Balfour said. "But I think the bill has been totally tarnished."

Neill Herring, a lobbyist for the Sierra Club, said SB 5 likely will move forward in some form. One co-sponsor has suggested the final version could be a combination of SB 5 and SB 86.
So it's just the name that people don't like, eh? Think again. The private property advocates among us will just have to hope that the people of Georgia see through whatever new name lawmakers devise for the bill, and kill it just as quickly as this one.


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