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Monday, February 28, 2005

More on dangers of two-partyism

The Heritage Foundation reports that the Senate will take up debate today on the Bankruptcy Reform bill. Of the amendments that are spooled up and ready to be introduced are the following:
Democratic Senator from Massachusetts Edward Kennedy will propose a $2.10 increase in the federal minimum wage. To be expected from a liberal legislator with no understanding of economics and the job-killing impact of wage floors. As an alternative, GOP Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum will propose a $1.10 increase in the federal minimum wage. One will hope that those in the Senate who know a little something about economics will vote down both of these horrendous amendments, but the two soon-to-be proposed amendments offer yet another lesson in the dangers of having only two parties capable of passing legislative acts and setting executive policy: Party A says, "Here, take this cold anchovy pizza." Party B says to its loyal constituents, "You'd better support and accept this cold pepperoni pizza if you don't want to be stuck with those anchovies!" Nowhere is a choice offered for those in either party (or outside of both) who actually want hot pizza. So it goes, down through the decades, until you're left... Here: 2005 and surrounded by the two majority parties, each supporting its own brand of big government.


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