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Thursday, February 03, 2005

NRO's The Corner on State of the Union

Seen on National Review Online's blog The Corner:
BAD PARENT? [posted by Kate O'Beirne]:
I must say, as the mother of a two twenty somethings, concern about their "retirement security" is way, way down on my list of things to worry about.
I would contend that yes, that would contribute to making her a bad parent. Maybe I'm spoiled by the blessing of a conscientious father who was concerned for my retirement from the time I could understand what retirement was, but I'm a parent of only one, who's 20+ years away from being a twentysomething, and I can honestly state that my support for real Social Security reform comes just as much out of concern for Riley's retirement (and tax burden, for these two are inextricably linked) as out of concern for my own.


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