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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Social Security - GOP Senator Graham floats payroll tax increase

Here we go. One of the legislators offering Social Security reform plans is a GOP Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, and his proposal is getting a reasonable amount of press due to it being one of the first bills officially proposed. Now it appears that he's going against both the President's plan and the underlying purpose of reform - he's reportedly considering a raising of the payroll tax cap (currently $90,000).

I definitely wish the media would pay more attention to some of the other proposals on the table, like the House Republican Study Committee's or the Cato Institute's 6.2% Solution - if all we keep hearing about are these half-hearted efforts from weak-kneed compromise-minded politicians, we'll be in exactly the spot I keep complaining about: "accept this watered-down proposal full of pork, loopholes, and riders, or you'll suffer something much worse from those other guys!"

I look forward anxiously to some published comments on the results of the Cato Institute's Social Security Reform Conference that went on the last two days - and at which Senator Graham made those remarks. Stay tuned here for links when that happens.


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