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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lean times at Wisdom and Liberty

Wow, a week without posting to your blog can really hurt your readership! Well, to tell the truth I haven't had much time to blog lately - or rather, I've re-prioritized my activities - and I think I've got a really good reason. My wife Kristi and I just this past Friday the 11th welcomed to the Trippet family our first child! Everyone, say hello to Riley Dane Trippet. Riley, say hello to everyone.

So I'm taking some time off work to get to know this wonderful little gift from God (and help his dear mother heal up from the ordeal), and with that time off comes responsibilities that outweigh whatever small value I was adding to the blogging world. It felt good every time I saw my blog linked from somewhere else; I got all excited and said, "Wow, Bruce Bethke/Matt Welch/the guys at OC Blog/insert your name here) read my blog!" So I'll go on believing that what I had to write was at least interesting to a few people here and there, if not the breaker of huge news stories like Powerline or the thoughtful purveyor of wisdom for writers like the Original Cyberpunk.

That said, I'm sure I'll start blogging again at some point, when the new family has developed a routine and rhythm that allows it, and when the mood strikes me. Thanks to all for dropping by, and feel free to subscribe to my site feed so you won't miss it when I come back on the air!