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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shocking ideological hypocrisy in IL gun control advocate

I really wanted to blog about this yesterday, but was just too busy at work.

A strident advocate for victim disarmament -- I mean, gun control -- has been arrested for possessing drugs and an illegal handgun:
The president of the Springfield, Ill., chapter of the Million Mom March faces charges of having drugs and an illegal handgun in her home. Press reports said the gun's serial number had been scratched off.

Annette Stevens became a gun control activist after her son was shot to death several years ago. She told a newspaper the gun belonged to her late son, and when she found it, she didn't know what to do with it, so she put it in a drawer.

Police reportedly found the gun and illegal drugs while executing a search warrant at Stevens' home in connection with a spate of drive-by shootings in the area.
This is deliciously ironic, in the same vein of vicious anti-gun CA Senator Dianne Feinstein holding one of the very, very few concealed weapons permits ever issued in that haven of disarmed victims, Washington, D.C., and anti-gun bombast-spewer Michael Moore's bodyguards holding concealed weapons permits in three different states and being arrested while carrying in a fourth (NY). I hope (probably in vain) that the mainstream media picks this up and is at least grudgingly honest about it.


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