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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Democrats vs. Seniors

The Democratic stonewall to Social Security reform is showing some cracks. Florida Congressman Wexler the other day made a comment the other day that shows just how far out of step the Democrats are from the actual needs of their constituents:
My allegiance to seniors is greater than my allegiance to the Democratic Party.
This (as well as Nancy Pelosi's [D-CA] virulent reaction to his plan being submitted) goes a long way towards showing that there is indeed something that absolutely needs to be done about Social Security (much like all the Democrats were saying years ago when Clinton was in office), and I expect Wexler's brave move to address it (even if his raising-taxes plan is completely wrong) will become just the first of many of its kind from his Democratic brethren. Finally, some small (infinitesimal, maybe, but not negligible) amount of progress at last.

(Hat tip: Heritage Foundation Policy Weblog)


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