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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

No pocket knives on this flight, only rifles, pistols and shotguns

When 280 soldiers flew from Savannah to Kuwait a week and a half ago, they carted on board all of their fighting equipment, including all of their standard-issue M-16s, shotguns, sidearms, etc. What they couldn't bring on board, due to FAA regulations, were pocket knives, nail clippers, and the like. What do you bet that that flight, packed as it was with armed people who knew how to handle their weapons, was in no danger of being hijacked?

Of course, it's not exactly a perfect comparison between this charter flight that had nothing but U.S. soldiers on it and a standard Delta flight from LA to Orlando, but the principles are the same: 1) regulations banning pocket knives and nail clippers are so silly as to be laughable, and in no way guarantee a flight's safety, and 2) knowing that a flight just might be peopled with armed (open or concealed) individuals trained in the use of their arms is by far the best deterrent for a hijacking.


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