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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Forget the EU - worry about the North American Union

It's been said by a few of the more strident anti-two-party-monopoly folks that part of the huge Dempublican conspiracy is to join the US with Canada and Mexico into one huge nation, forfeiting much of the sovereignty we enjoy today to our neighbors to the north and south - just like France just said Non to the other day regarding the proposed EU constitution. I didn't think too much about it until now; I could see the validity in the points being made but was a bit on the incredulous side of believing that any branch of the federal government would risk broaching the subject for fear of the other branches. Sure, Bush continues to talk his big non-amnesty amnesty thing, but no one's really taking him seriously.

Well, I'm being moved a little more to the credulous side, now that those paragons of compromise Senators McCain and Kennedyhave introduced a bill that almost mirrors Bush's non-amnesty amnesty and guest worker programs (though with slightly different details). The part that scares me the most:
The legislation stipulates that it doesn’t grant state and local police any more authority to enforce immigration laws, but it goes out of its way to include language about securing Mexico’s border with Guatemala. This bizarre concern reflects a concept — bandied about by the Bush administration as well — called the “North American security perimeter.” It holds that we can all be one happy North American family, and the U.S.-Mexico border won’t matter so much, if only we can keep those pesky Central Americans (and others) out of Mexico.
Couple this kind of proposal with the already-existing NAFTA and the under-debate CAFTA and you've got the ingredients for a very ugly future for U.S. sovereignty.


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