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Friday, June 24, 2005

More on Kelo v. New London

Call me lazy, but I'm just much too disillusioned with the decision to really talk about it much. I'm still in the process of reading all the commentary that's been published already (starting with the majority and dissenting opinions of course), but here's a bunch to get you started:

Claremont's Local Liberty
The OC Register's editorial on the subject
And Steven Greenhut's take
Tech Central Station

It's interesting that this decision is being blasted by both the right and the left: the right says it's an attack on property rights and the left says it's a handout to Big Business. And they're both right. Am I a broken record yet by pointing out the huge mass of votes that seem to be available to a principled libertarian occuping the political middle (if there can really be a "middle" anymore - it's more like a grid with quadrants, as shown here)?


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