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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Raich on the brain

I hope this doesn't last too long, but it seems that everywhere I look I find more examples of things that make me sad about the Raich decision. Note Glenn Reynolds' comment in a column yesterday about the future of personal fabrication:
When I go to the store, I often have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for. Usually, I come home with something different. Sometimes it's better than what I thought I wanted; more often it's a second-best choice. If I could design and make what I wanted on the spot, I might well be happier -- and I might well enjoy the process, and the creativity, involved, too, assuming that the process was user-friendly.
With the SCOTUS' affirmation of the federal government's power to regulate personal noncommercial activity if it even hints at having some microscopic effect on overall demand for a substitute commercial activity, this groundbreaking innovation could (and most likely will) be severely hampered, restricted, or outright prohibited (depending on the good produced and its market) by our always-overreaching congresscritters. Sigh.


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