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Friday, June 17, 2005

Told ya: firearms the great equalizer

Via Alphecca's Here's How It's Done series comes a story that happened last week but wasn't reported until Wednesday which I came close to clairvoyantly quoting in this post from Tuesday. My words:
A firearm is the great equalizer, and it can make even an untrained but desperate woman or a 70-year-old wheelchair-bound man into a match for any criminal, sometimes even more than one at once.
And the details from the Maine story:
A man in his 70s managed to fire his .22-caliber rifle at a person who broke into his home last week in what may have been a home invasion by people looking for drugs.
During the attack, Tripp said, the intruders blindfolded the woman and ordered her to remain in the living room. The man's feet were bound to the footboard of his bed and a pillowcase was placed over his face.

The man managed to get free while the intruders were elsewhere in the house. Tripp said the man fetched a .22-caliber rifle he keeps by the side of his bed and when an intruder returned to the bedroom, the man fired a shot at him.

"A shot was fired into the wall," Tripp said. "They fled the residence."
Didja catch that? A 70+-year-old man tied to his bed with an itty-bitty .22 rifle in his hand made multiple attackers flee his home by getting one shot off. And just think, the gun-grabbers would like nothing better than to take that unmatched ability to defend oneself away from people just like him, leaving them defenseless against the predatory criminals who would brazenly invade their homes, fearless of the law and unconcerned with what damage and injury they cause.


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