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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How to save Social Security

The Heritage Foundation points out an opinion piece in the Grand Forks Herald that posits an interesting way to save Social Security and explains how to fully fund the program through its coming revenue deficits, without raising taxes or reducing benefits: use the rest of the federal budget instead!

In the first year of Social Security's cash deficit - 2017 - the shortfall is estimated at $8.8 billion. Using the current cost of government programs, we'd have enough money to make up this shortfall if we eliminated funding for Head Start, the Labor Department's five worker protection programs and the Supreme Court.

By the following year, 2018, the shortfall triples to $26.4 billion. So, added to the first round of cuts, we'd have enough if Congress also eliminated the entire Environmental Protection Agency, the WIC or women, infants and children nutritional program, the National Park Service and the Federal Drug Administration.

In the third year, Congress could make up the additional deficit by also eliminating the FBI, the Centers for Disease Control and the State Department.

Within three more years, in the year 2022, the annual shortfall will be over $100 billion. This represents additional cuts comparable in size to the National Institutes of Health, the FAA, and $12 billion in Title I education grants to local agencies.
I think I'll shop this idea around to some of my uber-Republican friends to see what kind of response it generates.


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