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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Open letter to our federal overlords - er, rulers - er, officials

GeekWithA.45 penned a great open letter yesterday that very lucidly described what we who love liberty expect from them. The whole thing deserves a read, but it can be distilled down to these two magnificent sections, described in engineering-speak as the "is" condition and the "should be" condition:

In truth, it is reasonable to argue that we currently live in a constitutionally inverted situation. The limits of the powers of government cannot be readily discerned, but the individual rights it purports to protect are squeezed into so many unnatural provisos and caveats that they may no longer be simply relied upon.
Considerations of petty partisan agenda, and even the pressing needs of our current war must all be held as subordinate to the central question as to whether this government shall entirely abide in the plain terms of its founding charter or not.

The current and coming vacancies in the Supreme Court provide us with both the means and the opportunity to remedy the situation, and to meaningfully demonstrate to the American people your commitment to upholding the plain meaning of the Constitution above any issue or party.
Outstanding words.


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