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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another reason I voted for McClintock

Via California Campaigns:

The rumor is that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be close to naming moderate (at best) federal district judge Morrison England to the California Supreme Court. England - definitely NOT a conservative - was essentially a Barbara Boxer pick for the federal bench in 2002, when the President's Calif. guy Gerald Parsky was allowing Sen. Boxer to exercise an absolute veto over California judicial nominations. The blow-with-the-wind England sailed through the Senate without opposition in 2002. (The President's more recent picks have been much better).

If this is true - it is a sad choice to fill the seat vacated by the brilliant conservative/libertarian judge Janice Rogers Brown, who was recently appointed by the President to the United States Court of Appeal in Washington, DC..

One of England's recent rulings was to block a move by the Bush Administration to open up some back-country timber tracts for logging - a move that would have helped prevent large fires in the Sierra. England sided with the Sierra Club in blocking the logging operation.
There have been way too many chances for us Tom McClintock voters to shake our heads in abject disgust over the Governator, his policies, his methods, and his lack of backbone. Now we have squishy judicial appointments to add to the list.


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