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Monday, October 10, 2005

Good news for CA's Special Election

The latest polls, sponsored not by any of the interested campaigns but by California TV stations, have all 4 planks of the Governator's reform agenda significantly positive. While it appears that some of the results might appear to be huge unexplainable swings away from prior polls, possibly indicating errors in the polling, consider that the surveyor, SurveyUSA, was the second-most accurate pollster in 2004 statewide contests (.xls file). Also consider that a recent study from San Jose State's Survey and Policy Institute resulted in the interesting conclusion that while most people voice disapproval for Schwarzenegger and don't want him reelected, a 49%-40% plurality want him to succeed (PDF) (hat tip Dan Weintraub). My admittedly amateur read? People are buying into the spiteful ads they're seeing on TV that the Governator is a bad, bad man, but have learned enough about the Propositions in his reform agenda that they recognize they make sense and want reform to happen.


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