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Friday, November 11, 2005

Glimmers of third-party hope in New London, CT? - Independents win two seats in New London:

After a campaign focusing on rising taxes and the eminent domain controversy, New London voters have sliced the Democrats' City Council majority from three to one.

The upstart One New London Party won two council seats, losing a third seat by only 19 votes. The new seven-member council will consist of four Democrats, one Republican, and two aldermen from One New London.

One of the successful One New London candidates, Charles Frink, says the three-party City Council must work together or risk deadlock in what he called dangerous times for New London.

Two of One New London's unsuccessful candidates had lost homes in the city's taking of the Fort Trumbull neighborhood. The U.S. Supreme Court confirmed those seizures, setting off a national outcry against eminent domain.

Maybe all it takes for people to realize that there's only a dime's worth of difference (though some would quibble) between the Demopublicans and the Republocrats is just to get really good and pissed off...


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