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Friday, June 30, 2006

LttE - Senate chicanery

Submitted to the Orange County Register on 6/30/2006:

The Senate can’t send its immigration bill to the House because it has provisions that have to do with taxing people, because as all good Americans know – and for very good reason – only the House can initiate bills that tax people.

So you’re telling me that the Senate wants to scrap the Senate bill they started, take a tax bill already passed by the House that the Senate’s already considering, replace everything that was originally in the House bill with the Senate’s immigration provisions, pass it and send it back to the House as if it’s nothing more than an amended version of the original House bill? And no one has any problem with this, as long as those paragons of virtue Sens. Frist and Reid slap each other on the back, smile, and say, "Trust us"?

With Republicans doing whatever the White House tells them to and Democrats' only objection being the possibility that this chicanery will result in provisions they don't want, is it any wonder why more and more people are finding their trust reserve is bone-dry?


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