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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Bi-Factional Ruling Party

In case you're wondering why I just can't stomach either wing of the duopoly, here are a couple of examples:

Rep. House leader Boehner: Republicans we must recommit ourselves to the principles that brought us to the majority and renew our drive for smaller, more efficient, more accountable government.

I’ve said since January during my run for Majority Leader that that we as Republicans must return to the spirit of ’94 and its focus on reform. The American people strongly supported our ideas and agenda in 1994, and they still do.
Lip service is all that is, and all we've been hearing from the Big-Government Conservatives infesting the GOP these days.
We made progress this year by instituting greater fiscal discipline, rejecting some $45 billion in wasteful Democrat spending, enacting comprehensive earmark reform,
He's gotta be kidding me - what he forgot to say was "rejecting some $45 billion in wasteful Democrat spending so we could pass hundreds of billions in wasteful Republican spending to a President who can't find his veto pen if his daughters' lives depended on it," and "enacting comprehensive earmark reform to make sure Republican earmarks stay put and Democrat earmarks are minimized to only what they need to buy their votes on other issues."

Not to be outdone, Dem. Senate leader Reid:
From Rhode Island to Washington State, America has spoken, and in overwhelming numbers, they've chosen a new direction — on Iraq, on health care, at the gas pump, and in the economy.
I think I'm going to be sick. Shouldn't have had those donuts for breakfast this morning, they're likely to be not-so-tasty after pondering what Reid has in store for health care (let's be like the Canadians, woohoo!), the gas pump (let's bring back the 70s with price controls, yeehawww!), and the economy (let's ignore the Laffer curve and raise taxes only to see revenues drop, yippee!).

What don't these punks get about Just Leave Me The Hell Alone? As for me, I'll continue to live under the rules they write (I know as well as anyone that there's no place better to live - but that doesn't mean I should keep quiet as I see it getting worse), but I refuse to give my consent and approval for what these jokesters have done or propose to do, especially as long as they're so clearly in violation of the Constitution on so many things.