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Monday, March 19, 2007

Why am I nervous?

It was kinda cool, back in this blog's heyday (such as it was) of the 2004 election, posting about government employee unions, to see hits from such places as school districts, the CA DoE, etc. I got a little excited thinking about a union punk reading my stuff!

Why, then, do I get nervous when I see hits like this appear?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nothing but good news these days

On Monday this week the Texas Senate unanimously approved a Castle Doctrine bill, which basically states that an unwelcome intruder in one's home is legally presumed to be there for a nefarious, life-threatening purpose, and no retreat is legally required for the homeowners to defend their lives with force, including deadly force. This is good news for those who deplore hearing about the burglar who breaks into someone's house, has violence done upon him by the defensive homeowner, and promptly sues the homeowner for assault and/or attempted murder.

This comes on the heels of the bigger news of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals handing down on Friday a very well-reasoned and well-decided decision, ruling that the citizens of the District of Columbia (having been subjected to living in the murder capital of America for the past decade) could not be prohibited by the District's government from owning handguns for self-defense and keeping those handguns in a loaded, usable state in their own homes. You can read all about it here, scrolling down to the March 9 entries and working your way up from there. The way the ruling was written (and it's very understandable by the layperson) makes it sound very favorable to a comprehensive "Individual Right" reading of the Second Amendment, and those who enjoy their freedoms are excited about the prospect that this ruling might finally be taken up by the Supreme Court and our most critical (though perhaps not our most cherished) Right be upheld once and for all!

The country's not down the tubes quite yet!