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Thursday, April 12, 2007

An excellent analogy to keep in mind this April 15th

Saw this on a blog comment and it rang so very true I had to post it here.

The great thing is that people hate the IRS, but somehow manage to forget that it is the Congress which created the IRS, keeps it going, and makes it have to collect 50% of the produce of the free product of the US people. Sort of like hating the mob hit guy, but being okay with the actual mob boss.
That is spot-on, period and point-blank. We all love to rail against the IRS 'cause that's who we're making all the checks out to, especially this time of year. But in our ire for the tax collectors we too often forget about the busybodies in the legislature who keep spending all that money, and keep voting the same spending-like-a-sailor-on-leave schmucks back into office! In short, we may hate the IRS, but it's Congress who keeps them in business!


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