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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When candy is outlawed...

...only outlaws will have candy. Showing now in Scotland, the logical end-result conclusion of nanny-state policies like, "sorry, you're allowed to neither fight back at all, nor own, possess, or carry an implement likely to aid you in fighting back."

A man caught carrying a large gobstopper ["jawbreaker" for those unfamiliar with Willy Wonka - JT] in a sock has been fined £400 after it was found to be an offensive weapon.

Sheriff Kenneth McIver told him that, even though it was not in the same category as a knife or axe, it was capable of inflicting a nasty injury.

"You will be aware of the ongoing national debate on offensive weapons including knives," he told Harvey.

"But all too often this court has to consider other improvised weapons like this."

And people wonder why we rail against the folks who would make law-abiding citizens in the US just as vulnerable to violent criminals as those in the UK.


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